Radiology is hard.

Our algorithms monitor for known radiologist blind-spots.

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We care for patients. We make the algorithms. As a physician-led team, we are in the trenches with you. Let’s move beyond AI hype and improve patient outcomes.
Lawrence Ngo
Lawrence Ngo, MD, PhD
Co-founder & CEO. He is a practicing radiologist and completed his radiology residency at Duke. He obtained his medical degree and PhD in neurobiology from the Duke University School of Medicine.
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson, MS
Co-founder & CTO. His graduate school work applied deep learning methods to radiologic data sets. He has degrees in biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, engineering mechanics, and physics.

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Our algorithms analyze the images and reports from radiology exams and flag studies with a high probability of error for peer review.

Disclaimer: Our algorithms are to be used in non-diagnostic and retrospective purposes under AHRQ Patient Safety Rules under existing peer review activities.

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